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Lisa Hochstein’s Net Worth and Career

Lisa-Hochstein's-Net-Worth-and-Career Lisa-Hochstein's-Net-Worth-and-Career

Lisa Hochstein is a famous model best known for marrying a plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein. Lisa came into the limelight further after she starred in The Real Housewives of Miami (TRHOM). In the show, the model’s struggle to get children was one of the discussions, and later, her divorce from Lenny.

Considering that Lisa began modeling a long time ago, she has earned a handsome income, enabling her to gain millionaire status. However, after her separation from the surgeon, it is assumed that her net worth decreased. So how much is the net worth of the former model?

Lisa Hochstein’s Net Worth

Lisa Hochstein’s net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth is around $90 million. The model is believed to have achieved her net worth through her marriage to a successful surgeon. During her marriage to Lenny, the couple co-owned a couple of properties worth millions.

Besides her marriage, Lisa was a former model and pageant who competed in various categories. During her time at The Real Housewives of Miami, the former model revealed that she received a salary of $30,000.

Lisa and Lenny are known to have co-owned numerous luxury properties. Among a known property is a commercial building covering 30,000 square feet. It is at this building that Lenny practices his career.

However, in April 2023, Lisa and Lenny filed for divorce. Considering that Lisa’s $90 million net worth was attributed to her marriage, it seems her net worth has dropped significantly. Before her marriage, she had signed a prenuptial.Lisa-Hochstein


Lisa began modeling as a young girl. As a result of that she competed in pageants as a young girl, exposing her to the entertainment sector. In 2002, she was crowned Miss Swimsuit Canada. Moreover, she has appeared in Playboy magazine, a few times.

In the early 200s, Lisa began appearing in movies. She starred in Playmakers, and Against the Ropes, although some of her scenes did not appear in the movie. She made it to The Last Kiss in 2006, before she joined the Real Housewives of Miami in 2012.

Lisa became a popular personality for appearing in TRHOM. She appeared in a total of thirty-four episodes.

Marriage and Family

Lisa Hochstein was formerly married to surgeon Lenny Hochstein. The couple walked down the aisle in 2009 and exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The couple’s marriage was strong, and despite pregnancy challenges, they fought it until they welcomed two children. During the TRHOM show, the couple hinted at Lisa experiencing three miscarriages and failed vitro fertilization. After a long battle, the couple opted for surrogacy.

Since then, Lisa and Hochstein have shared a girl and a boy. While the children enjoy love from both parents, the couple is now estranged.

According to Lisa, the surgeon cheated on her, with his girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. However, Lenny refuted the claims and said that he started dating his girlfriend after they ended their relationship.

Since the filing of the divorce, Lisa requested spousal support and temporary child support. She stated that her income from her career was not enough to support her lifestyle and that of her children, considering she had been a housewife, during her marriage.

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