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Marcus Oher: Michael Oher’s Brother

Marcus-Oher-Michael-Oher's-Brother Marcus-Oher-Michael-Oher's-Brother

Marcus Oher is known for being One of Michael Oher’s eleven siblings. He lives a very private life but here’s what we know about him:


Marcus is one of 12 children to Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Williams. Like Michael, Marcus likely faced similar struggles as a kid because of their parents’ addiction and financial woes.

Career and Personal Life

No information is publicly available about Marcus’s career, education, net worth or personal life.

His Brother, Michael Oher


Michael Oher embodies resilience, defying the odds and the transformative power of opportunity. A former NFL player, his story is about more than football – it’s about how compassion and support can change your future.

Born Michael Jerome Williams Jr. in 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, Oher was an unstable child. The two of his parents were addicted, and he would frequently move between foster homes and periods of homelessness. His academic struggles mirrored his chaotic life of repeated grades and split schooling.

Oher was very skilled especially in football. His size and brute strength caught the eye of social worker Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband Sean, who became his legal guardians. This gave Oher the home and support system he needed.

The Tuohys knew Oher had academic potential but acknowledged his education gaps. Oher enrolled at Briarcrest Christian School, a private School, under the tutelage of Leigh Anne. Oher showed determination and work ethic through initial difficulties. He graduated in 2005 – an accomplishment considering his past academic struggles.

Oher’s athletic skills on the football field attracted national notice. Many universities offered him scholarships, but he chose the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). But academic eligibility hurdles remained. Through persistence and summer school courses, Oher met NCAA requirements for collegiate football.

Oher developed into a dominant left tackle at Ole Miss. In his senior year he was named First-Team All-American. His first NFL Draft pick was in 2009.

The Baltimore Ravens selected Oher at number 23 overall. The veteran defensive tackle helped protect quarterback Joe Flacco and set up a potent running game. Oher retired after Super Bowl XLVII with the Ravens in 2013.

Oher retired in 2017 after playing for the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers. Although injuries plagued later seasons, he made NFL history.

Estimates of Michael Oher’s net worth is in the range of millions of dollars. NFL contracts, brand endorsements and potential post-playing career ventures have contributed to his financial success.

Oher remains fairly private about his personal life. The 2009 film the Blind Side based on Michael Lewis’s book of the same name documents his early life and the Tuohys’ transformative role. While the film made Oher famous, he has remained low key outside of football.

Oher’s story is an inspiration of hard work, supportive relationships and overcoming hardship. For those facing challenges he is a role model who shows that with hard work and the right opportunities even tough beginnings can be extraordinary successes.

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