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Tin Swe Thant: Mother of Alex Wagner

Tin-Swe-Thant Tin-Swe-Thant

Tin Swe Thant is mainly known as the mother of journalist and television personality Alex Wagner. There’s not much publicly available information about Tin Swe Thant herself, but here’s what we know.


There is no information online regarding Tin Swe Thant’s date or place of birth. However, we believe she is probably from Myanmar (formerly Burma).


No information is known about Tin Swe Thant’s professional life.



Like her career, Tin Swe Thant’s educational background is not publicly known.

Net Worth

We cannot disclose her net worth without knowing more about her career and finances.

Personal Life

Tin Swe Thant married and had children, including Alex Wagner. Everything else about her private life is unknown to the public.

Her Daughter, Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner has gone from cultural commentator to leading progressive news man. Her journey reflects a commitment to social justice and the changing media landscape.

Alex Swe Wagner was born in Washington D.C. She is a daughter of Tin Swe Thant and US Democratic political consultant Carl Wagner. This brought Alex up in a household where politics and culture intersected early on.

Alex attended Woodrow Wilson High School (now Jackson-Reed) and graduated in 1999 from Brown University in art history and literature. Although she studied humanities, Alex’s early career showed her broad interests.

She was Cultural Correspondent for the liberal think tank the Center for American Progress. This role allowed her to combine culture and social issues. Then Alex leapt and became editor-in-chief of the Fader magazine, which covers music and cultural movements. That experience sharpened her editing chops and connected her to pop culture.

Alex began her transition to journalism while working for advocacy group Not On Our Watch Project. Here she worked on exposing mass atrocities and human rights violations. That experience propelled her toward social justice in journalism.

Alex started appearing as a political analyst and commentator on MSNBC and The Huffington Post. Sharp wit, insightful analysis and engaging personality made her a viewer favorite. Her own show on MSNBC, Now with Alex Wagner, debuted in 2011. This allowed her to dive deeper into current events and have stimulating discussions.

The career of Alex continued. She became a contributing editor for The Atlantic and a CBS News correspondent. In 2022, she became a regular on MSNBC host, hosting “Alex Wagner Tonight” Tuesdays through Fridays in her place on the show replacing Rachel Maddow. She connects with young people and provides deep analysis.

In addition to television news, Alex has started streaming. Now she is hosting the Netflix reboot of reality competition show the Mole.

In 2014 Alex married former White House Chef Sam Kass. The couple have a daughter together. Alex is a social media whiz and is extremely dedicated to her family.

Alex Wagner is a force in the media. She can navigate complex issues and reach a wide audience as a spokesperson for a new generation.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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