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Jerry O’Connell’s Net Worth and Early Life

Jerry-O'Connell’s-Net-Worth-and-Early-Life Jerry-O'Connell’s-Net-Worth-and-Early-Life

Jerry O’Connell is a famed actor. Besides creating a name for himself as an actor, he is also a director, talk show host, and screenwriter. Jerry grew up in the creative industry, watching his parents as they held successful careers.

His father worked as an art director in an advertising agency, while his mother was an art teacher. Considering his early life inspiration, Jerry enrolled in a screenwriting course, which he dropped out to focus on acting.

What is Jerry O’Connell’s Net Worth?

Jerry Connell is one of the richest celebrities, with a net worth of $20 million. His net worth is a combination with that of his wife, Rebecca Romijn, whom he married in 2007.

Jerry has worked as an actor, director, and talk show host, which has contributed positively to his net worth. His notable acting roles include in films like Jerry Maguire, Joe’s Apartment, and Stand By Me. Also, he is an established voice actor who has lent his voice to Star Trek: Lower Decks.Jerry-O'Connell


Jerry began appearing in TV commercials as a child. His notable commercials include Duncan Hines Cookies and Frosted Flakes. As a child actor, he rose to prominence after he starred in Stand By Me.

Due to his growing popularity, he got another opportunity to star in My Secret Identity which aired from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

Jerry joined New York University to study a career in screenwriting. At this time, he had acted in numerous films and continued to act in others while in college. After graduating in 1995, Jerry chose to focus more on acting.

After successful roles in movies, Jerry started acting in television shows after he landed a role in Crossing Jordan, as Detective Woody Hoyt. During the same time, he acted alongside his current wife Rebecca in an episode of Ugly Betty.

Over the years, Jerry has continued to appear in numerous films and shows, boosting his name as one of the best actors. His latest appearance was in “A Soldier’s Play” in 2020. However, since then he has appeared in commercials for Bob Evans grocery products.


Jerry is married to fellow actor Rebecca Romijn. The duo met while acting and they dated for a long time before they made their relationship official. The couple welcomed twin girls in 2008, and have continued to lead a happy life.

While Jerry has found success as an actor and television personality, his wife is a former model and actress who has made a name for herself.

Early Life

Jerry was born on February 17, 1974, in Manhattan, New York City. His parents were into the art industry, which shaped the future career of Jerry. As a child, he appeared on TV commercials and even films, as a teenager.

Jerry joined a local Manhattan School and later New York University. At the university, he majored in film and competed in the fencing team. He majored in screenwriting, although chose to go fully into acting after graduating.

Later, Jerry enrolled in Southwestern Law School. However, he dropped out a few months later to focus on acting.

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