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Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger – Bio, Age, Career, and Family

Lucas-Maurice-Morad-Jagger Lucas-Maurice-Morad-Jagger

Lucas is mainly known as the celebrity son of Mick Jagger and his wife, Luciana Gimenez. His parents’ reputation has been passed down on him, and together with his siblings, they have become American celebrity kids, and fans are eager to know about them. For today’s post, we focus on Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger. We will talk about his age and career and discuss his parents. That way, you will have insights about your favorite American celebrity kid.

Biography of Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

Lucas is a celebrity kid born on May 18, 1999. He will be 24 years old in 2024. He was born in New York City and is an American national. Lucas is the seventh child of celebrity couples Mick Jagger and Luciana Gimenez. Even at his young age, Lucas has already hit the headlines and has a huge fan base. Being a celebrity kid gives him an advantage in garnering followers.

When mentioning his name, his first name is significant. It represents “bright” or “shining.” As for his middle name, it reflects “swarthy” and aligns with his life as he is the son of dazzling American and Brazilian celebrities in the entertainment industry. His father is an American star, while his mother is Brazilian.

Lucas currently resides in Brazil with his mother while his father is in the UK, but the distance doesn’t affect the bond he shares with his father. Lucas has several siblings, namely Gabriel Luke, James Leroy, Georgia May Ayeesha, Elizabeth Jagger, Karis Jagger, Jade Sheena, and Lorenzo Carvalho. Together with his siblings, Lucas has been brought up in a lavish lifestyle, and his parent’s wealth has sheltered him properly, giving him what he needs and wants in life.

Education, Career, and Relationship

Lucas has not shared details about his childhood and educational background. However, we believe he is in a reputable education institution, but his career and academic level are not known. As for his professional career, he is currently living life under his parents and has yet to find and follow a professional career.

His current focus is on his studies, and as years go by, we hope to see him disclose what career path he will take, and we will share it with you. Based on the lifestyle and career of his parents, together with the fact that he is already a trendy topic online, it’s likely that Lucas may find it easier to follow his parents’ career paths.

Social Media Presence

Lucas is active on social media. He is available on Instagram and X. His Instagram account has over 429k followers, and on X, he has around 1k followers. These are the only platforms where you can easily see him active and follow him to get more updates about his life.

Who are Lucas Maurice’s Parents?

Lucas is lucky to have two celebrity parents. His father is widely respected for being an American singer, songwriter, film producer, and actor. His mother is a Brazilian TV host and former model.



Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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