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Recalling Memorable Life & Death Of Judy Rubenfeld

Recalling-Memorable-Life-Of-Judy-Rubenfeld Recalling-Memorable-Life-Of-Judy-Rubenfeld

Judy Rubenfeld was a professional teacher who was born on 2nd march 1928. She died in the year 2019 on January 28 in LA, CA, USA.

In this article, you will get to learn about the life insights and death details of Judy, who is considered one of the low life personalities but later got famous because of their son.


According to some people, she was a teacher. In addition to her teaching profession, Judy also worked in the entertainment industry, where she made a name for herself through Big Top Pee-wee (1988). She was a cast member in the movie.

What Does This Indicate?

Judy was indeed a teacher by profession most of her time because being an actor for a full-time and giving just one movie doesn’t sound right. This means that she just starred in one movie, perhaps it was her one-time gig, or maybe she didn’t liked the show business after her first movie. The secret still remains a secret.

Recalling-Memorable-Life-&-Death-Of-Judy-RubenfeldSome Of Her Notable Works

Her only notable work was Big Top Pee-wee (1988), where she was one of the casts. In fact, she wasn’t even a lead role.

What Makes Her Famous?

There are still doubts on why she got so famous. One of the reasons is her role in that movie. She played a character, which cemented her legacy as one of the famous personalities that the world would remember.


Judy was married to Milton Rubenfeld, who was a pilot. He was Judy’s one and only husband, which we think proves true love. Milton and Judy acted in the Big Top Pee-wee movie. Milton also worked in one more movie Above the Beyond.

Love Life

Judy and Milton were married way before their common movie came out. This means that the casting manager must have hired the couple.

Jud and Milton enjoyed a very loyal love life and married life, where they carried out their marriage till the very last like mature adults.

Milton passed away in the year 2004, which marked an end to Judy’s marriage, making her his widow. She never thought of marrying again.

Learning Judy’s Death

Judy died in the year 2019, much after her husband. But the idea of marrying again never came to her mind, which is why we can say that she lived a proud widow of the pilot.

Who Are Her Descendants?

Judy was a proud mom of 3:

Abby Rubenfeld

Abby is still alive in the year 2024 and works as a professional American attorney. She was born in 1953.

Luke Rubenfeld

Luke is still alive in 2024 and was born on 1958, December 29. He’s a Canine professional and famous for being the brother of Paul Reubens.

Paul Reubens

This is Judy’s famous son that has brought limelight to Judy even if she was a regular person. Paul was an actor and a comedian by profession, with several notable works under his name. He died in the year 2023 but still made his family famous.


Judy sure lived a teacher life and got to play a role in a movie, which can be her one-time gig. She married Milton, a pilot and made 3 kids with him. In a nutshell, her deceased son made his family famous, which is why Judy is still remembered.

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