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Rick Astley’s Net Worth and Career

Rick-Astley’s-Net-Worth Rick-Astley’s-Net-Worth

Rick Astley is a singer-songwriter, composer, musician, and radio personality. Rick Astley has several hit singles and they have been impactful in creating his net worth. Rick Astley is widely known for his single “Never Gonna Give You Up,” released in 1987. The single went on to appear #1 in 25 countries. Through it, he cemented his ground in the music industry.

So, what’s his net worth? Rick Astley has a net worth of $16 million and this post breaks down everything you should known about him, from his biography, to his career, and earnings.

Who is Rick Astley?

Richard Paul Astley, popularly known as Rick Astley, was born on February 6, 1966. He was born in Newton-le Willows, Lancashire, England. Rick has three siblings and his parents separated when he was a young boy.

Following the separation, Rick was raised by his father but he still kept in contact with his mother. However, Rick distanced himself from his father after he discovered that his father was the one who kicked out his mother.

As for his career entry, he started singing at age 10 and this came from his activeness in the local church choir. While in high school, Rick formed local bands and he was a drummer. However, after graduating, he got a day job and at night, he was playing drums at a club working with different bands, such as “Give Way.”

Rick Astley is a father and husband. He married Lene Bausager and the couple has a daughter, who was born in 1992.Rick-Astley

Rick Astley’s Career

Rick’s career started when he was part of different bands. The notable band that he was in was FBI, in 1985 and he was a drummer. The band focused on covers but also performed their music. When the lead singer left the band, Rick took up the chance to become the lead vocalist.

It’s through this opportunity that Pete Waterman, a record producer, noticed him and became interested to work with him. Pete convinced Rick to join him in London to work under his Pete Waterman Limited recording studio.

Through Pete, Rick learned much about the recording process and he got an entry to pursue his music career. He began his career with his single “When You Gunna.” However, it received little promotion and was released as a collaboration with Lisa Carter.

However, Rick became popular after releasing “Never Gonna Give You Up,” in 1987. The single went on to become #1 in several countries. His deep and rich voice was key to the success of the song. Noticeably, it easily became the year’s highest-selling single.

Rick Astley’s Net Worth

Rick has been in several performances and his music career has seen him release several singles that have performed well. He has a huge fanbase that have easily enabled him to gain career success.

Rick became a millionaire at 22 after he released his hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up.” His career success has seen him create a net worth of $16 million that will keep growing.

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