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Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell Lesser Known Facts, Low Life, & More

Jacqueline-Bernice-Mitchell-Lesser-Known-Facts,-Low-Life Jacqueline-Bernice-Mitchell-Lesser-Known-Facts,-Low-Life

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is an ordinary citizen from the United States, who became famous for marrying Jerry Rice. She divorced the famous public figure in the year 2009 and since then she has been living a low life once again.

In this article, we will give you insights into Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, her rise to popularity, and back to her low life.

Jerry Rice & Marriage With Him

Bernice’s husband Jerry Rice is an American former american football wide receiver and a famous sports athlete overall. This is why the marriage of Jerry Rice and Jacqueline made her famous overnight. She started getting in the highlights, limelights, and news whenever her athlete husband made headlines.

The career of Jerry Rice has been remarkable as he has played for several teams in his professional life:

  • San Francisco 49ers: 1985–2000
  • Oakland Raiders: 2001–2004
  • Seattle Seahawks: 2004
  • Denver Broncos: 2005 (preseason only; retired before the regular season)

The couple has a very long history of love life. They dated when they were in college. Then the love got so affectionate that they married in 1987. But we don’t know anything about their love life insights like what they used to do, etc.Jacqueline-Bernice-Mitchell-Lesser-Known-Facts,-Low-Life,-&-More

Kids & Family Expansion

Bernice and Jerry together made several kids:

Jacqui Bonet Rice

She was born on 7 June 1987 and later grew up to became a TV personality. She has made headlines for starring in programs like Endless Love and other small programs.

Jerry Rice Jr.

He was born on 27 July 1991 and later followed his dad’s footsteps to become a sports personality. He used to play football but later retired and became a businessman.

Jada Symone Rice

This young lady is more into her mom’s shadow as she was born on 16 December 1996 and grew up to be a fitness expert and model. Her career and personality has always been full of feminine energy.

Going Back To Shallow Life

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell was an active wife of Jerry Rice from 1987 to 2009 and got divorced after that. This was the greatest time in her life when she was famous, rich, and doing well in her life. However, family disputes and growing differences in their mindsets forced this couple to split up.

After her divorce, Bernice went back to her low life like she used to. We don’t know if she’s still in touch with Jerry and her kids. Assuming that the kids are now all settled and doing good, they might not be in a regular touch.


We can now conclude that Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is one of the low life personalities in America, who dated and married Jerry Rice and later grew to fame. She made 3 kids with Jerry and all of them turned out to be successful in their respective lives. Once the marriage started to fall apart, Jerry and Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell split up, where Jerry continues with his sports life, while Jacqueline is now out of the lime light. We don’t know if we will ever get to hear about this lady or not.

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