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Star Kid Life Of Julian Ali Rapaport

Star-Kid-Life-Of-Julian-Ali-Rapaport Star-Kid-Life-Of-Julian-Ali-Rapaport

Julian Ali Rapaport is a young personality in the year 2024 and is popular for being a celebrity kid. He was born in 2000 but has not made headlines of his own yet.

In this article, we have tried our best to give you life insights into Julian Ali along with the details revolving around him.

Being A Star Kid

Julian has always enjoyed the status of being a star kid. He is the son of a famous American actor Michael Rapaport, who is also a comedian now. Julian’s mom Nichole Beattie is also a famous personality, who is a screenwriter by profession and married Michael Rapaport. Together they made Julian and Maceo Shane Rapaport.Star-Kid-Life-Of-Julian-Ali-Rapaport-and-more

Julian’s Dad Gave A Number Of Hits

Julian got famous because his dad is a successful actor. He has casted in:

  • Atypical: 2017 – 2021
  • Prison Break: 2005 – 2017
  • Friends: 1994 – 2004
  • Higher Learning: 1995
  • The Heat: 2013
  • Cop Land: 1997
  • Deep Blue Sea: 1999
  • True Romance: 1993
  • Hitch: 2005
  • Life & Beth: Since 2022
  • Justified: 2010 – 2015
  • Men of Honor: 2000
  • The War at Home: 2005 – 2007
  • Only Murders in the Building: Since 2021
  • The 6th Day: 2000
  • Metro: 1997
  • Beautiful Girls: 1996
  • Little Boy: 2015
  • Zebrahead: 1992

Getting A Stepmom

Julian’s dad divorced Nichole Beattie and married to Kebe Dunn in 2016. This means that Julian got Kebe Dunn as his stepmom in 2016. Kebe is an actress.

Social Media Presence

We found Julian on social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. But we noticed that his officially listed Instagram account appears somewhat dead because there are hardly any posts, followers, and he’s just following eanrly 50+ people in the year 2024.

What Could That Mean?

The fact that he’s not much active on social media proves that he’s out of limelight. He’s not a famous person of his own and neither does he want to live a high profile life.

What Are The Reasons Behind His Pond Life?

Julian’s dad divorced her mom and married another actress. This could have been a turning point in the life of Julian. He might have developed a sense of dislike from the entertainment industry where divorces are very common. Perhaps he might see his mom or dad as a person who did unfair to their spouse and moved on with their life. Maybe these type of thoughts could have made him not like the show business, which is why he is living a pond life overall.

Who Else Is In His Family?

Maceo Shane Rapaport is the one and only sibling of Julian with the same parents. We don’t know what Shane is doing in his life either. But we’re definite that he’s not doing anything big either. He’s living a simple, sweet, and pond life while enjoying a status of a celebrity kid. Perhaps their family’s internal issues have triggered a sense of dislike in both the kids’ minds.


Julian along with his sibling Shane enjoy a reputation of being the sons of Michael Rapaport, who is a famous comedian and actor in the American entertainment industry. While their dad is a famous actor, both the kids Julian and his brother might have decided to stay away from the show business.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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