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Ace Frehley’s Net Worth and Early Life

Ace-Frehley Ace-Frehley

Ace Frehley is a famed rock star who came into the limelight for performing with the Kiss band. He stayed with the band for a couple of years, after which he started a solo career. Despite leaving the band, he has reunited with it a few times, continuing to make his name great in the music world.

During his early career, Ace never believed in his voice. But, after the band’s members started their solo careers, he was one of the most successful ones, with his solo album selling 500,000 copies.

What is Ace’s Net Worth

Ace’s net worth is around $1 million. The rock star has been singing since his teen years which has enabled him to achieve his net worth.

Ace was famous as The Spaceman, his stage name, which he adopted due to his love for sci-fi. He was the lead guitarist for Kiss between 1973 and 1982 before he began working on his solo career.

He worked with numerous bands, but it was the Kiss that made him a famous personality. He remains remembered as the Kiss member who had a unique electric guitar that emitted smoke from its neck.Ace-Frehley's-Net-Worth-and-Early-Life


Ace began his music career early during his teen years. While still in high school, he dropped out to continue performing with his band Cathedral. Despite leaving school for a while, his parents and girlfriend encouraged him to return to school, upon which he completed his diploma.

He spent many years in numerous bands including The Outrage, The Four Roses, Honey, and King Kong among others. After hearing about an advertisement for a lead guitarist from his friend, he auditioned for the position.

He appeared at the audition wearing a red and orange sneaker. Despite his unappealing looks, he landed the role, after the band heard his great performance.

The band was named Kiss in 1973, and Ace contributed to designing its logo. Kiss did not become successful initially, which made it necessary for Ace to do other jobs to survive. After a new manager began paying the band members $50 weekly, he quit his side job as a cab driver and focused on working on his career.

Ace started a solo career in 1982, the same he was replaced by Vinnie Vincent as the lead guitarist for Kiss band. He formed a band with other talented members and started performing in the Northeast United States.

Early Life

Ace was born on April 27, 1951, in The Bronx, as Paul Daniel Frehley. His family was inclined toward music, which motivated him to pursue the same career.

Despite not taking guitar classes, he started teaching himself at a young age, after he received an electric guitar as a Christmas gift. Since then, he spent his free time training himself how to play the guitar.

Ace got the nickname while in high school. He was popular for getting dates with any girls he wanted which resulted in the name Ace. Moreover, he was also popular for helping his friends get dates.

Despite doing well in arts, Ace dropped out of school for some time to pursue music. He later returned and earned his diploma.

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