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Zachery Ty Bryan’s Net Worth, Career, and Personal Life

Zachery-Ty-Bryan's-Net-Worth, Zachery-Ty-Bryan's-Net-Worth,

Zachary Ty Bryan is a celebrity who has attracted public attention due to his acting career, and various legal charges. The actor came into the limelight after acting in Home Improvement as Brady Taylor. The show which spanned eight seasons, put the actor on the list of best actors, hence earning him numerous awards.

While Zachary’s acting career has enabled him to earn a lot of money, it is clear that he also made a handsome amount from Bitcoin investment. While he has never revealed the amount he earned from Bitcoins, he indicated that it enabled his life to move to a better place. So, what is Byran’s net worth?

What is Zachary Ty’s Net Worth

Zachary Ty Bryan is a rich celebrity with a net worth of $5 million. Ty came into the limelight as Brady Taylor, in Home Improvement, a film that featured eight seasons. The show became a huge success, and it put Ty, in the limelight as a talented actor.

Besides Home Improvement, the actor has starred in other shows including Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and others.

According to Zachary, most of his net worth is a result of a successful acting career. However, during a 2023 interview, the actor revealed that Bitcoin changed his life completely. Ty revealed that during his early acting years, he met Brock Pierce, a purported Bitcoin Billionaire

Brock encouraged Zachery to invest in Bitcoin, to which he obliged. Ty went on to become a millionaire from Bitcoin, although he has never talked about the exact value of the Bitcoins.

During an interview with a reporter, the actor appreciated the trust fund from Home Improvement but added that his Bitcoin investments were more compared to the trust fund.Zachery-Ty-Bryan's-Net-Worth,-Career,-and-Personal-Life


Zachery Ty came into the limelight for starring in Home Improvement. Before the role, he had appeared in print and TV ads in Denver. It was during his time at California, where he had relocated to to pursue acting, that he landed the role in Home Improvement.

The show was so successful that it ran for eight seasons, from 1991 to 1999. Zachery’s role as Brady Taylor earned him numerous awards including Three, Young Artist Awards.

While acting in Home Improvement, Zachery ventured into film. He acted in True Heart before he earned other roles in The Rage: Carrie 2 and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006.

Personal Life

Zachery’s personal life has been surrounded by legal issues. In 2020, the actor was arrested in Eugene, Oregon, after he was accused of abusing a woman. The woman turned out to be his girlfriend, Johnie Faye Cartwright.

The actor pleaded guilty to the charges and was ordered to stay away from the victim. Despite the challenges, Zachery and Cartwright have remained together. They have a set of twins and another child.

Before Faye, Ty was married to Carly Matros, his high school girlfriend. The duo married in 2007 and they ended their marriage in 2020 after thirteen years. The couple share twin girls born in 2014, a daughter born in 2016, and a son born in 2019.

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